Hi, honey.

Every Hive Has a Story

We began rescuing bees in the late summer of 2016 and consider our apiary a haven for rescued, stray, and wayward bees. The bees that produce our honey have been cut out of walls, snagged out of trees, and recovered swarms from busy locations.

What's the buzz?

I ADORE Hahn's honey! I buy every chance I get and have never been disappointed! While the honey is far and away my favorite, I've also been thrilled with the candles. I love knowing I'm supporting an amazing local business, two fantastic people, and honeybees!!

Kae Harrison

I went to a class you held in May and it was wonderful. I loved how informative it is and how much support you give your students. I look forward to taking additional classes in the future.❤️ Also I love your honey!! ❤️

Val Salvatore

Always amazed by how hard these keepers work to keep the Honeybees surviving. Through rescues, sharing their knowledge, taking care of their many hives. I've witnessed first hand the rescue of a swarm by them, and it really is fascinating (not to mention sweltering inside their bee suits!!). Love their honey, have been a regular customer for years, and I eat it everyday!

Barb Cronshaw

I’ve been buying products from Hahn's Honeybee Haven for years now. So AWESOME!! From honey & lip balm to candles & luminaries. They make fantastic gifts and you are supporting local, small business. They’re natural and healthy, and delicious. I’ve never been disappointed! I love the classes they do at other local small businesses like Kin Loch Lavender Farm too!! Knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

Catherine Pesaresi Close

I have thoroughly enjoyed not only following you here and learning about bees, but I have been enjoying your honey daily. Your passion and caring for the bees is so important and wonderful. Those little ladies are very fortunate to have you and those you are helping. Our area will be thriving for years to come from the "beeutiful" work that Tara and Jeff are doing.

Karl Miller

I’ve never gone through honey so fast. Even my kids comment on how much better it is than what we had been buying. If you can get two teens and a pre-teen to sit up and notice, well that’s something!!!

Julie Ortloff

Love Hahn's Honeybee Have!! We needed a swarm relocated and the Hahn’s team came right out and carefully moved the ladies to a safe new home! The honey we have purchased from them is superior in taste and quality. I have given their Sampler Pack as gifts and all recipients raved about it! Relocate.. Educate…Produce an excellent product…Love Hahn’s Honey Bee Haven!!

Mary Ellen Donnelly

Where to start?! Every candle I’ve bought has burned beautifully, and they’re so fragrant! Your honey has been the best I’ve tasted, and I love that it’s a little different from hive to hive. I’m also beyond grateful for your rescue work and commitment to saving bees. You have so much knowledge, and your thriving, healthy hives are a testament to your care.

Flo Kane